lớn give official permission for something to lớn happen, or to give someone official permission to lớn vày something:

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to give official permission for something lớn happen, or lớn give someone official permission to bởi vì something:
lớn give official permission for something to lớn happen, or to lớn give someone official permission khổng lồ do something:
The Board of Directors has authorized a tóm tắt buy-baông chồng program for up khổng lồ 60 million shares of the company.
authorize sb to vày sth Their technologies division has been authorised lớn sell, support, and train customers on the new mobile system.
If the latter view is correct, then reasonable but mistaken self-defense does not qualify as an example of legally authorized, private preemption.
The office authorized hyên to lớn exercise the power of management over the local shoe market on the office"s behalf.
It depends on how far participants feel authorized to lớn or confident enough to take such a risk; we will come bachồng to that shortly.
Members of authorizing committees have sầu delegated khổng lồ members of appropriations committees the power (subject khổng lồ floor votes) lớn limit spending.
With respect lớn sanctions against unions for engaging in the newly prohibited forms of collective sầu action, employers were authorized khổng lồ bring legal ac87.
Directors who were either absent at the meeting authorizing an illegal dividend, or that voted on the record against it, were exempt from liability.
The more contracts a government has khổng lồ offer, the more incentives private sector actors have sầu khổng lồ bribe officials authorized khổng lồ dispense contracts.





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