The most advanced cloud database service on the market, with unmatched data distribution và mobility across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, built-in automation for resource và workload optimization, and so much more.

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* Atlas offers a hands-free approach to performance optimization with auto-scaling, actionable recommendations tailored khổng lồ your specific workloads, and more, so you can easily adapt lớn changing requirements.

Reduce your data infrastructure complexity with a powerful query API that supports your operational, transactional, full-text search, và real-time analytics workloads. No ETL required.

Focus on building, not managing. Atlas takes care of mission-critical database administration and provides the rich data security and privacy controls you need to lớn scale agile teams without introducing risk.

All but eliminate data latency, be the last one standing with cross-region và cross-cloud failover, and easily satisfy local data regulations with a single deployment. Atlas gives you the ability to lớn deploy across or pin your data to nearly 80 AWS, Azure, và Google Cloud regions.

Modernize your data infrastructure

Build applications and ship features faster than before. Atlas offers modern database capabilities you just can’t find anywhere else–and we’re constantly raising the bar.

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Make your application data more discoverable with relevance-based full-text tìm kiếm capabilities. Charts

Build, cốt truyện, và embed data visualizations khổng lồ create engaging user experiences and drive actionable insights. Realm

Build best-in-class apps across Android, iOS, và website with edge-to-cloud sync & fully managed backkết thúc services.

We"re very glad we moved to lớn the cloud when we did. Shifting quickly lớn Google Cloud and Atlas put us in a position to innovate & thrive even in the most difficult circumstances.
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