A Contingency Plan is a designed plan which takes inlớn account a number of possible future events or circumstances where a mitigation plan is the step to lớn reduce adverse effects. That’s still not a clear message, is it?


Here are a few differences between a Mitigation Plan và a Contingency Plan:

S NoMitigation PlanContingency Plan
1It is the action to lớn prsự kiện risk before it happens.

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It is the action lớn cure risk after it happens
2It is the first cấp độ defense for high exposure risks.It is the fallbaông chồng plan for the high exposure risks.
3A Mitigation Pbậc thang be considered as PLAN AA Contingency Pbậc thang be considered as PLAN B.
4The actions will be planned for identified risks in advance irrespective of the occurrence & severity of the risk.The actions will be planned in advance but certain warning signs will be under monitoring và actions will be taken when the warnings signs are at sight.
5It helps khổng lồ reduce the probability of impact of the identified risk.

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Probability or impact doesn’t change but it helps to control the impact.
6Example: To wear a helmet/seatbelt is the mitigation plan.Example: To apply for accident insurance is the contingency plan.


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There are many risk reduction success stories around the world. One of the success stories happened in India. This story will explain the importance of both a mitigation plan & a contingency Plan. It is about how the Odisha State government saved many lives from Cyclone Phailin in October 2013. The maximum tốc độ was 260km/h. The number of casualties was small compared with the previous similar disaster in late 90’s. Only 40 casualties were reported in the 2013 disaster compared khổng lồ 10,000 lives in the previous disaster. How is this possible?

The risk of the cyclone was foreseen. The operation began with early warnings from the Indian Meteorological Department. The warning was disseminated 4 days before the expected date. The government phối up a few mitigation plans such as accurate forecast, disaster response centers, Operation shut-down, response teams, etc.

The mitigation plan outlines the planning process for identifying và implementing actions lớn reduce or eliminate business losses, loss of life, property, functions, etc due to lớn any type of hazards.

No, it was not yet victorious after the hit. It would be easy lớn expect massive damage caused by a 200km tốc độ cyclone. Nearly 200,000 houses were damaged. 14,000 villages in 12 districts were affected. Thousands of trees were uprooted. Roads, boats, etc were badly damaged, & crops worth millions were destroyed. That’s when contingency plan steps are taken into action.The contingency plans set by the government are rehabilitation plans, emergency aid programs, etc.

It is important to lớn understvà that Contingency planning is not just about major disasters; it is about preparing for events such as loss of data, resources, customers, & other unknown disputes. When the response (PLAN A) to the situation is poor, it may cause a dramatic impact on the future of the business or environment. Then here comes PLAN B.

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