to lớn make someone feel less confident, enthusiastic, và positive about something, or less willing lớn vày something:

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to lớn prevent or try lớn prevent something happening or someone doing something, by making things difficult or unpleasant, or by showing disapproval:
to try khổng lồ prsự kiện something from happening or someone from doing something, or to have sầu the effect of making something less likely:
The tough competition discourages many athletes from making a serious attempt lớn make the Olympic team.
Relations among mỏi peripheral groups are often competitive, a situation that may not be discouraged by the primate center.
Reactions ranged from deliberately avoiding information khổng lồ expressing the temptation not to lớn gather information due to lớn how discouraging it made the prognosis feel.
Moreover, the procedural changes led to an ever-greater focalizing on the innovative activity và discouraged those applicants who presented grandiose but totally unrealistic projects.
There was a second way in which social services systems potentially discouraged carers from having an assessment.
Such practices should be discouraged as they will overestimate the role of certain foods in disease.

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As a result, the impaired limb is encouraged to lớn steer while the unimpaired limb is actively discouraged.
Occasional administration by staff who are not specifically trained in this procedure should be discouraged.
Competition ahy vọng asphối managers is discouraged if their main function is khổng lồ meet quantitative asphối restrictions.
Vehicles are strongly discouraged from approaching closer than 50 m from seals, and closer approaches should be on foot.





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