WinRAR is a popular không tính tiền file archiving and extracting program. This post mainly introduces where và how to tải về WinRAR for Windows 11/10/8/7 lớn use this program to easily zip or unzip files on PC.

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About WinRAR

WinRAR is one of the most popular file compression/archiver tools for Windows. You can use WinRAR khổng lồ create & view RAR/Zip archive files và unzip many other archive file formats. WinRAR also supports creating encrypted archives và self-extracting archives. It packs and reduces the size of files.

WinRAR is available for Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista & is available in 50+ languages. An android application called RAR for app android is also offered lớn help you zip và unzip files on android devices.

Check the simple WinRAR tải về guide below.

WinRAR miễn phí Download Full Version 64-bit for Windows 10/11

1. Tải về WinRAR 64-bit for Windows 10/11 from Official Site

To download the WinRAR 64-bit latest version, you can click the first link WinRAR x64 (64-bit) 6.11 to download the 64-bit WinRAR full version for Windows 10/11. The latest version number may change if the company updates the program.Click the downloaded tệp tin to run the WinRAR installer. Choose the destination folder and click the Install button khổng lồ follow the guidance khổng lồ install the ứng dụng on your PC.

Tip: You can also go to lớn and click the xanh Download WinRAR button lớn instantly download and install the app for your PC.

2. Tải về WinRAR from Third-party Authorized Websites

You can also get WinRAR from some authorized third-party websites. Some websites are listed below for your reference. You can go khổng lồ one of these websites and click the tải về button lớn start the download process.

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Download WinRAR 32-bit for Windows 10/11 PC

Way 1. Go khổng lồ in your browser and click the “Click here for 32 bit version” links to tải về and install WinRAR 32-bit for Windows 10/11.

Way 2. Go khổng lồ in your browser, and click the WinRAR x86 (32-bit) 6.11 links to get the 32-bit version of WinRAR for your PC.


You can download and try WinRAR for 40 days. However, you can continue using it without losing any functionality, but you will see a reminder message asking you to lớn buy a license for the program. You can choose khổng lồ buy the license to lớn remove the reminder or any pop-ups.To check if your computer is running 64-bit or 32-bit, you can click Start -> Settings -> System -> About khổng lồ find your PC version.

How to download WinRAR for Mac

WinRAR does have a Mac version called RAR for macOS, but it is a command-line only application.

Still, you can go khổng lồ in your browser và click the RAR 6.12 for macOS links to download WinRAR for your Mac computer.

Alternatively, you may also find some third-party websites that offer WinRAR Mac download resources. You can choose a reliable website to get WinRAR.

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