Do you want khổng lồ use Microsoft Office 2010 on your PC? If so, you need to get the Office 2010 download first. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard offers you the Office 2010 không lấy phí download full version 32&64 bit và shows you how lớn install it.

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Office 2010 System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 is the successor of Microsoft Office 2007. Its last stable version is Office 2010 SP2 released in 2013. Microsoft offers the 32-bit và 64-bit versions of Office 2010.

Both two versions can work on Windows 11/10/8/7, Windows vps 2008, and Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Only the 32-bit version can work on the Windows hệ thống 2003 R2 và Windows XP Service Pack 3.

In addition, to lớn install Office 2010, your PC should also meet the following requirements:

CPU: 500MHz or fasterRAM: 256MB (512MB is recommended)Storage: 3GBGPU: 1024 x 576 or higher resolution (Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9.0c graphics thẻ with 64MB of đoạn phim memory)


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Office 2010 Features

Office 2010 includes the following software: Access 2010, Excel 2010, InfoPath Designer 2010, InfoPath Filler 2010, Lync 2010, OneNote 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Project 2010, advertiser 2010, SharePoint Workspace 2010, Visio 2010, & Word 2010.

You can get them separately, or buy the software suite. The suite has 8 editions: Starter, Online, trang chủ and Student, Small Business Basics, trang chủ and Business, Standard, Professional, và Professional Plus.


The 8 editions are listed in ascending order of the number of software they offer.SharePoint Workspace và SharePoint Designer are not contained in any of the editions.The Starter edition is only offered lớn OEM while the Online edition only has basic features. In addition, the Online edition is free.

Office 2010 also adds new features. Some of them are listed below:

Ribbon interface và Backstage modeBackground removal toolNew fontsWord 2007 Equation Editor fully replaces Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0New SmartArt styleNew text & photo editing effectsScreenshots và CrawlersInstant collaboration functionWindows 7 bounce MenuNew PowerPoint animation modeWord Simultaneous Viewing Feature


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Office 2010 Download

Office 2010 is no longer supported, but you can still install & use it as long as you have an Office 2010 installation disc & a product key for it. Of course, you can also get the Microsoft Office 2010 download directly by clicking the following download links.

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Microsoft Office 2010 không tính phí download full version for Windows 10 32 bit

Microsoft Office 2010 miễn phí download full version for Windows 10 64 bit

The above Microsoft Office 2010 không tính tiền download will offer you an ISO file containing the Office 2010 Professional Plus version, which is also the full version.


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How to Install Office 2010

Now, you have gotten the Microsoft Office 2010 không tính tiền download. You can install it on your PC. Here is the guide: 

Step 1: Uninstall the current Office on your PC. Keeping any versions of Office installed can cause errors and problems with your files. You can uninstall them from Control Panel.

Step 2: Double-click the ISO file to mount it. In the folder, you will find a setup file. Run this tệp tin to launch the Office 2010 installation wizard.

Step 3: Accept the license terms và then click the Install Now button. Then, wait until the installation process is complete. After that, you can use Office 2010.

If you want to install Office 2010 SP2, you should continue to tải về Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Office 2010 32/64-Bit Edition from Microsoft and then run the pack file to install the update.

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