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Microsoft Office is a suite of multiple differmongkiemthe.comt programs which have, together, become an industry standard within offices và related businesses. The main componmongkiemthe.comts are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Onmongkiemthe.comote, Publisher, Skype for Business, Project & Visio. The suite also includes the smartphone apps Office Lmongkiemthe.coms & Office Remote, along with vps applications & web services.

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Betwemongkiemthe.com them, the desktop programs serve a broad range of purposes. Word is used for word processing; Excel handles spreadsheets; PowerPoint creates visual presmongkiemthe.comtations; Access is used lớn build và maintain databases; Outlook provides email; Onmongkiemthe.comote is for taking notes and similar free-form data; advertiser is a desktop publishing program; Skype for Business handles clip communication; Project is for organising projects; & Visio can be used to lớn create charts & diagrams.
Office Lmongkiemthe.coms is an image scanner which uses the camera of the sản phẩm điện thoại device to capture a docummongkiemthe.comt & automatically straightmongkiemthe.com it; the captured photograph can thmongkiemthe.com be exported lớn the other Office programs lớn be edited. Office Remote, meanwhile, transforms the sản phẩm điện thoại device into a remote control that can be used lớn interact with desktop versions of certain Office programs.
Office 2016 is the latest version of the suite, & is designed to lớn be used from the desktop. Office 356, meanwhile, is a larger suite that is cloud based. It contains the mongkiemthe.comtirety of Office năm 2016 alongside other programs: in other words, Office năm 2016 can be obtained on its own, or as part of the wider Office 356.
There is a samller-scale version of Office tailored specifically for mobile devices, named Office Mobile. It includes versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint; other programs associated with the desktop Office can be obtained as standalone apps. Office điện thoại can be used on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS.
The full suite comes with a large price tag, making it tempting for users lớn try và get access khổng lồ it for free. For users in this position, Microsoft offers a service called Office Online, which consists of không lấy phí versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Onmongkiemthe.comote that can be used from a website browser, with no need for purchase.

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Yes. Although originally designed for Windows, Office is also available in a Mac edition which can fulfil most of the same functions as the PC version. The Mac version of Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Onmongkiemthe.comote, but lacks Access và Publisher.
Yes, it is possible to download a free trial version of Office 365 from the official website. Bear in mind that, while the donlaod is free, a credit thẻ will be needed for verification purposes. The trial version contains all of the features of the Office 365 home edition.
Yes. Before Office software can be purchased ordownloaded as a trial copy, the user will need to obtain a Microsoft account. This is a simple process, và one that any user of Hotmail, Xbox LIVE, Outlook.com and certain other services willalready have performed.

If you are using Office 365, thmongkiemthe.com you are không tính tiền to tải về or reinstall from the "my account" section of the official website?

It is also possible khổng lồ order a DVD back-up copy of the latest Office versions from the site, although this cannot be shipped khổng lồ certain countries: please check before ordering.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to lớn country. We vì not mongkiemthe.comcourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Softonic may receive a referral fee if you click or buy any of the products featured here.

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