When you need to create a document for work, school, or play, Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is the best tool for the job. Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is designed by the leading personal computer powerhouse Microsoft. Although this version of Microsoft Word was released in 2010, Microsoft has been creating word-processing software for decades. The first iteration of Microsoft Word was created in 1983 và has been refined over the years into a fully functional, flexible tool that it is today.

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Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is capable of creating a wide range of documents from movie scripts, to lớn articles, school assignments, & even slides for presentations.

When you first xuất hiện Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows, you will be prompted lớn create a new document. Once you have created a new document you will be faced with a blank canvas. From here, you have a wide variety of tools available to your disposable. There are hundreds of text fonts to choose from, and virtually any fonts can be added to the program.

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Important text editing functions are included in the software, such as the ability to lớn change font size, color, leading, kerning, & just about any other customization you can think of for text. Aside from editing text, Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows can create slides by inserting graphics, images, và photographs into your document. Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is also capable of creating multiple file-formats, but the primary format used by this software is called .doc.

When you need software that will allow you any màn chơi of customization you need in a reliable package Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is the best choice. It also has a built-in spellcheck function that highlights misspelled words in red và even suggests proper spelling or similar words in a drop-down menu. Editing documents has never been so easy, and you don"t even have to be a great speller khổng lồ produce a flawless document. Formatting is also easy with Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows because you can choose whether you want to showroom bullet points or adjust the paragraph alignment.

Among the powerful tools available in Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows is the ability khổng lồ sync with OneDrive, Microsoft"s cloud storage service. When you edit a document in Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows, it automatically saves the file, và it can easily be stored in your Microsoft OneDrive.

Access your documents from anywhere Features:

Automatic spellcheckDocument sharingEasily edit files on multiple devicesAutomatically stays up-to-dateFormat with ease
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