Office 2013 is one of the enhanced versions of Microsoft office applications that is used by many people today. The Office 2013 interface has been redesigned khổng lồ be simpler, sleeker and lighter, Word allows you khổng lồ read và view, open & edit PDF files directly in the application, adds Excel data analysis tools, PowerPoint support. Design, collaborate and cốt truyện support. In addition, other components have also been modified khổng lồ be more suitable và modern.

Office 2013 has redesigned the user interface for most applications with brighter, more visible colors. Microsoft Word 2013 supports the Read Mode feature, which allows you to open & edit PDF files directly in the application; Excel 2013 added data analysis tools; PowerPoint Design Innovation, Collaboration, Sharing. Also, is a completely new Outlook & many other applications included.

Top 10 New Features of Microsoft Office 2013

1. Modern Style Interface


According to the “Modern” style interface (formerly called “Metro”), you’ll see in Windows 8, Office 2013 gets a new look. Gone are the different shades of color that decorated the oldest interface, as well as the shadows và shades that suggested three dimensions. Instead, everything is minimadanh mục, flat, & stark—mimicking the tiles on the Windows 8 start screen. The only hint of frivolity exists in a watermark design in the top right corner of the screen. The idea is that the new look will help you focus on your work instead of being distracted by the objects that decorate your screen. Whether the rekiến thiết achieves this goal or not – time will say one way or another – I definitely lượt thích the crisper look.

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2. Start Screens


Each ứng dụng supports a new color-coded home screen—xanh for Word, green for Excel, orange for PowerPoint, green for the publisher. Like the trang chính screens of the other applications, word displays a danh mục of the most recent documents. Although the default is to create a blank document, you can select a template, tìm kiếm for online templates, or clichồng Open Other Documents to search for a document on disk or in a SkyDrive folder. These screens will help new users find each other more easily, & experienced users will appreciate that they have all their options in one place at the start. At the top right of the screen, details of the SkyDrive sầu trương mục you’re currently signed in to lớn are displayed.

3. SkyDrive sầu Integration


Office 2013 is designed to integrate with the cloud, particularly with SkyDrive và SharePoint. This is good news if you prefer to lớn store your work online for any access, although most small businesses & individuals still store files locally. When you use SkyDrive sầu, trương mục details appear in the upper-left corner of all app screens as well as on their start screens. Clichồng your trương mục details to lớn switch and manage accounts. By default, when you save sầu a document, worksheet, or presentation, the application is stored in your SkyDrive account, but you can save sầu them to your local disk if you want.

4. Syncing Across Devices


When you store your Office documents online, they will be available lớn you (& others) are always available from any device, through Office 2013 on a PC or tablet, or through the WebApps. Microsoft has already upgraded the WebApps for Word, Excel, Onechú ý, và PowerPoint with the new modern style look và color-coding of the Office application. In addition, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint store the last location you worked in before you saved—except for the letter, cell, or picture. This feature makes it easier khổng lồ piông xã up where you left off working, even if you opened the file on a different device than last used.

5. Touchscreen use

Some new features in Office 2013 are designed to lớn make it easier lớn work with a touchscreen. The new Read Mode in Word opens a document in Reading view that allows you lớn scroll through the document by swiping your finger horizontally. On a desktop with a touchscreen monitor, you can change this behavior baông chồng lớn more traditional page navigation mode if desired. Clichồng the Touch Mode button on the Quichồng Access Toolbar—lớn the right of the program biểu tượng logo of each application—& the ribbon toolbar spreads its icons further apart for easier access khổng lồ fingers.

However, apart from these useful changes, touch integration in Office is somewhat irregular. You can use gestures such as tapping, pinching, stretching, sliding, and swiping for various functions. But on a 24-inch touchscreen monitor, the text formatting icons were too small for me to lớn use. Therefore, at this time, although the suite can be used on a touchscreen device, which is a step in the right direction, it is still far from touch-friendly.

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6. PDF Editing

In the past, you could save sầu a Word document as a PDF file, but until now I could not edit PDF files in Word without first converting it to lớn Doc or DocX format. The new Word 2013 can open, edit, và then save sầu them as either DocX files or PDFs. When opened in Word, the file retains the structure of the PDF tệp tin, even for items such as tables. This advancement will be a great advantage for many users who can easily open a PDF & go straight to work.

7. Formatting Task Panes in PowerPoint

Formatting images, shapes, và other objects in PowerPoint is now more intuitive. Right-click an image and choose Format Picture to lớn open the new Format Picture task pane, which displays the formatting options available for that object. Cliông xã another object và the task pane options change to lớn show only the options available for that object. You can leave the panel open while you work so that it’s visible without cluttering your workspace.

8. Easier Charting


For users who are confused by the variety of chart options in earlier versions of Excel, the new Recommended Charts feature is useful. Select the chart data and cliông xã Insert > Recommended Chart lớn see options such as lines, bars, & pie charts that the program recommends for the data. Clichồng on each chart khổng lồ previews what your data will look like in that form. After you select & create a chart, small icons will appear outside its upper-right corner when you select it, giving you access to work with chart elements, styles, colors, & the chart data itself.

9. More Graphics Options

In Word, PowerPoint, Excel, quảng cáo trên internet, and even Outlook, you can use new icons on the ribbon toolbar allow you khổng lồ insert images from your local PC or from multiple online fonts. Online options include inserting images into lớn the Office Clipart collection online, through a Bing search, or from your own SkyDrive sầu or Flickr trương mục. (To access your Flickr account, you must first authorize Office to lớn connect.)

10. Account Login

The Backstage View in Office 2013 applications (accessed through the File tab) contains a new tab called Account (or Office Account in Outlook). Here you can sign in to lớn your SkyDrive tài khoản or switch accounts. You can also view a menu of connected services such as Twitter & Facebook and add services like LinkedIn & SkyDrive. The Office Updates area provides information about the status of available updates. Cliông chồng Update Options to disable or enable updates và khổng lồ view an Office 2013 update history.


While installing an office application & get an alert with a message: “Setup is unable khổng lồ proceed due to lớn the following error(s): This hàng hóa requires Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or higher, with ASPhường .NET v4.0 in the các mục of IIS Web Server Extensions. Correct the issue(s) listed above và re-run the cài đặt.”Please follow the below article lớn get a solution.

Error installing Office Requires IIS and ASP..NET.

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