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The Enel Group acquired EnerNOC in August 2017 & we now operate globally as Enel X. We have sầu svào roots in the energy sector & an open strategy geared towards digitalisation, sustainability & innovation.
The energy sector is transforming with the large-scale move sầu to renewable power, where prices are becoming more dynamic & volatile. With the adoption of more renewables, additional demand-side flexibility is needed khổng lồ support their integration và to ensure a reliable, secure electricity system.
We help businesses develop power flexibility – the ability to lớn strategically shift when they use grid power – to lớn gain a significant advantage. nguồn flexibility offers a new source of revenue, reduces retail electriđô thị costs, increases operational resilience và supports the transition to lớn renewable power.
Our 40+ person ANZ team is passionate about helping businesses turn energy into lớn a competitive advantage. We are the clear market leader in power flexibility on both sides of the Tasman today measured by our market nội dung, công nghệ và market expertise. We succeed by leveraging our quality optimisation & trading platkhung, và our global strength as one of the world’s largest energy companies.

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Enel X has an established business within APAC with ambitious growth objectives. We are now hiring an Energy Market Research Associate to help us exedễ thương on our growth plans in Singapore, our new location. We are seeking a candidate with experience in market research and a passion for the Energy Market lớn assist the broader team in identifying và generating leads khổng lồ develop an evidence base that informs và inspires better decision making. This position is based in Singapore.
Retìm kiếm specific industry segments in Singapore khổng lồ identify total addressable market & lists of specific sites
Identify areas of opportunity to lớn deliver demvà response capađô thị to lớn Transmission & Distribution utilities, thereby helping them to lớn cost-effectively khuyễn mãi giảm giá with peak demand & the associated network
Identify tương tác details (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails) of relevant staff at target sites
Applying your innovative sầu analytical skills khổng lồ derive sầu market insights from industry, customer và competitor analysis using Salesforce, independent market research, và Excel modelling & reporting.
Providing analysis lớn Market Manager and Energy Markets Teams khổng lồ inform strategic sale decisions
Liaise with Singaporean team regularly khổng lồ ensure that research efforts are focused on highest priority leads
We are seeking an intern to join our growing team in Singapore and be part of our growth story. If this sounds like an opportunity you would lượt thích lớn be a part of, we'd lượt thích to hear from you! Sover a copy of your copy of your cover letter & resume.


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