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used khổng lồ refer to something that is not near, or the part of something that is most distant from the centre or from you:
comparative farther us/ˈfɑr·ðər/ further us/ˈfɜr·ðər/ | superlative sầu farthest us/ˈfɑr·ðəst/ furthest us/ˈfɜr·ðəst/
comparative sầu farther us/ˈfɑr·ðər/ further us/ˈfɜr·ðər/ | superlative farthest us/ˈfɑr·ðəst/ furthest us/ˈfɜr·ðəst/
The far left is the political position that is most liberal, and the far right is the political position that is most conservative.
abbreviation for the Federal Acquisition Regulation: the rules that the US government must follow when it buys goods & services
To sum up, we have sầu thus far established a sufficient condition for eradication to lớn be optimal, và we have sầu characterized the other possible qualitative sầu solutions.
But far too often there is risk of serious direct harm when a rigorous assessment of benefits and harms is undertaken.
Regrettably, the term "model" is used in far too many ways in both scientific và philosophical parlance.
The phonetic analysis further bolstered the hypothesis that he added -ed endings according khổng lồ a pseudo-suffixation strategy.
Such green speculations are problematic và will not be pursued further; purely human needs are the concern here.
Indeed, he had further success, because some of his pupils were allowed khổng lồ go on to lớn further study after all.
It is this affective & evaluative progress that teachers might try to lớn develop in pupils in order lớn develop their skills of musical thinking further.

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So far, so good; but a few hours later, when the assistant returns she notices that the sink is blocked.
Two decisions have sầu far-reaching implications for the validity of the results reported in this Reviews.
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