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influential in (doing) sth Foucault has been influential in helping to lớn explain power & knowledge in organizations.
They also find that the absolute màn chơi of voting participation in each state is a more influential predictor of health than voting inechất lượng.
Social construction theory, situated in apparent opposition khổng lồ a biological essentiamenu approach, has been very influential in this work.
Although deliverers are often more influential than recipients in determining the valence of a delivery, recipients use more intense prosody in ascribing valence.
Can the prevalence of filling degree 2 be ascribed to some other characteristic whose presence or absence in these two sources was influential?
Despite the valid criticisms of acculturation & assimilation theory, the factors it identified as influential in the migrants" experience still require attention.
Thus, influential cases are downweighed to lớn the extent khổng lồ which their influence exceeds the threshold.
This paper has identified the most influential automated modellers và classified them along two dimensions.
If this interpretation is correct, it would mean that the densities of second intermediate hosts are more influential than those of first intermediate hosts.
Nonetheless, the document in question has been by far the most influential amongst those produced by this partnership.
Position in the sentence is also regarded as influential, as subject-orientation apparently becomes most prominent when the adverbial occurs in initial or medial position.
The purpose was to size a power group that would become sufficiently influential to constitute the principal political force when the military called elections.

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Hence, we can say that these observations are "outliers" but not "influential" observations that could change the estimation results.
In fact, this makes him or her a touchstone - an influential governor whose choices can actively engage và perpetuate conventions & clichés.
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