Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Key is used to lớn activate one of the updated versions of Microsoft Office2010. This version was released on April 15, 2010, và was made available on June 15, 2010. It came as a successor lớn Office 2007 và predecessor to Office2013. It has significantly increased the number of applications and the performance is also better. The two versions, 64-BIT AND 32-BIT, were launched simultaneously. This version of Microsoft has increased RAM memory, enhancing system tốc độ, và some of the new features as InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Workspace 2010, and Lync 2010.

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What is included?

Professional Plus includes all the applications that are always found in its series; i.e. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Project, MS Publisher, & MS Onenote. The file format available to be used in this version is DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX. Apart from that, one can also create & edit documents on MS Word, can vì chưng calculations & formatting in MS Excel, create & edit office & school presentations in MS PowerPoint. Configuring, managing, & sending or receiving tin nhắn và accessing them online through Office in MS Outlook is also possible.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys


Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys


Office 2010 Pro Plus License Key


Office 2010 Pro Plus Product Key


Office 2010 Pro Plus Activation Code


Office 2010 Pro Plus Activation Key


Office 2010 Pro Plus Product Key


Office 2010 Pro Plus Serial Key


Office 2010 Pro Plus Activation Key


Activating the license

Through the professional Key, the users receive 100% original Microsoft license that can be activated directly on the official Microsoft website. Moreover, it offers a lifetime license which indicates that it does not offer a subscription service and does not require one to lớn renew it time for a fee. The users will be capable of purchasing the office for good without any future expenses. Even if someone formats the current device or switches lớn a new one, he will still be able lớn own the original Microsoft license without worrying about getting it again. However, the only thing that must be taken care of is the fact that it is valid for only one device và therefore be deactivated on the previous device before reinstalling it on a new one.


Microsoft Office2010 Professional plus Key offers advanced features in certain applications. Some of the features are listed below.

In the pro plus version, the Word2010 interface has been improved và made more efficient. With it, the users can easily create any type of document be it private or corporate & it can be done with one’s own customized style và better quality. Moreover, one can insert photos, pictures, and different graphics in one’s own thiết kế. Excel2010 comes with a program that offers a wide variety of professional features ranging from the creation of financial tables lớn hàng hóa databases and Excel tables of various kinds. Moreover, new graphic designs và different new mathematical formulas have sầu also been added keeping in view the compatibility with all CVS files. PowerPoint2010 is one of the most important presentation software on the market. Its features are more enhanced for better working. It lets users make presentations within no time & have sầu the option of inserting creative sầu transitions. There are other different functions available also just lớn streamline the work Outlook2010 provides the perfect solution for swift management of e-mails, contacts, and appointments, particularly in the business & office sphere. Its various new features enable the users to stay posted. Publisher2010 in the pro plus allows users lớn manage the publication of professional-looking flyers, advertisements, & magazines with more convenience now. It helps create impressive sầu publications that help to have sầu a positive sầu impact on customers and partners in the most simple & effective sầu way. In professional plus, with Onechú ý one can keep notes & can nội dung them with the colleagues. It also allows users to lớn liên kết photos, files, audtiện ích ios, videos thus making itself as convenient as any other social interaction website

Removed Features

Removed from the entire suite

Document workspaces InterConnect Support Microsoft Office Document Imaging Microsoft Office Document Scanning Office Startup Assistant Office Diagnostic Research & Reference pane for internet Explorer Special symbol đầu vào add-in for East Asia version Insert Clip Art task pane & various clip organizer features

Removed from Word

Aukhổng lồ summary feature has been removed Support for Word Add-in Libraries have sầu also been removed Voice comment feature, which was previously available for Word2002, 2003, và 2007, has also been removed from the pro version.

Removed from Outlook

ANSI Offline Outlook data files for exchange synchronization has also been removed The calendar rebasing tool has also been erased. There are no postmarks & pholớn resize options for 640×480 & 800×600 in this version

Removed from OneNote

Live session functionality, including the tendency to initiate & join the live sầu session, has been turned down in the pro2010 version There is no option to create Outlook appointments or tương tác in the 2010 version

System Requirement

If anyone makes a purchase of the professional plus key, he will receive sầu the activation code for it. All one has to vì chưng is to follow the installation guide for quichồng installation. But before installation, it is necessary lớn meet the requirements and the very essential requirement of the system is to uninstall the older version before installing the new one.

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The supported operating systems for Microsoft Office2010 Professional Plus are Windows7, Windows8/8.1, Windows XP (SP3), Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, và Windows Server2012. Moreover, it requires a 1GHz processor in the system along with 512MB RAM & 3,5GB hard disk.


Those who want to use Microsoft Office2010 professional plus, they should activate it legally through the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional plus Product key. For the activation process, Office 2010 Toolkit and EZ-Activator are universal và simple activators for Office2010. It includes a mix of tools for managing licenses và activation.

The EZ Activators can make use of the KMS activation, even when the retailed license is being used. Activators work by gathering information about the license in order lớn provide the best method of activation. If any error occurs during the activation process, the EZ activator automatically tries to make corrections or even cancel all changes in the event of total failure.

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