KMSPico Portable is a tool that is used khổng lồ activate Windows 10 & Microsoft Office 2016 with its previous versions. This tool is developed by Team Daz who has contributed a lot in the field of activators.

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The main purpose of this team is to lớn create free software which helps its users to lớn get không tính tiền activation of Windows 10 & Office as well.

Team Daz developed many activators lượt thích KMSPico, KMSPico Portable, KMSAuto Net, Windows 7 Loader và so on.

As you know that Windows comes in 30 days of the trial period so after that trial expires you will be required to buy a license key.

If you don’t buy it then you will be restricted to using some of the Windows features lượt thích changing themes, applying custom background, you can’t receive updates, etc.

In this case, if you can’t afford the high price of the Win10 Operating System then you need to have this type of KMS activator to activate it Free.

What Is KMSPico Portable?

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2 KMSPico Portable Features
3 download & Use KMSPico Portable
4 Frequently Asked Questions
5 Conclusion

It is the version of KMSPico which doesn’t require an installation so you can use it without installing it on your computer.

This is best for those who still think that it’s a virus và steal their personal information và even accesses their files. So in this way, they can now directly activate their Windows without having to lớn install it on the computer.

This program was launched after the latest 10.2 version of the KMS activator because most people requested it. Now their problem is solved as this software is released và is working 100% fine without any issue.

The User Interface is also updated and has improved many things from the old version.

It now supports the latest build of Win10 and Win 8 as well, the program also supports Office 365. Using this tool becomes even easier if we talk about the old KMS activator.

You need khổng lồ unzip this program & right-click on its icon và then click on run as Administrator. Everything will work on the backend you don’t need khổng lồ follow anything & it will be activated in a few seconds.

KMSPico Portable Features


If you want to lớn learn more about the features of Portable KMSPico then you should read the below list. I have written some best features of this tool which everyone should know before downloading.

User Interface: The User Interface of this program is improved and is more user-friendly than it was before. It is now even easier lớn operate it và use it within a few clicks.

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No Installation: This is the best option for those who think KMSPico is a virus so they can use it as well without installing it in their machine.

Windows Supports: It supports almost every Windows và it’s built as well so no matter what Windows and build you are using it will activate them within a few clicks.

Office Support: This tool supports all the versions of Office even if older or newer. It can activate Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 365 as well.

Free: This tool is không tính phí and it will remain không lấy phí for the rest of your life, if you find any trang web which costs money then simply complain about it. This tool was made khổng lồ give an advantage lớn people who can’t afford khổng lồ purchase Windows & Office product keys.

Compatibility: It is now compatible with most Antivirus programs so now you can use it even if your Antivirus is activated. Some tools may still show you as a virus so just turn it off.

Computer Performance: This will increase the performance of your computer as well.

Lifetime Activation: You don’t need khổng lồ activate Windows và office again & again as this tool solves this issue as well. When you activate Windows using this tool you will get the lifetime activation.

Download & Use KMSPico Portable

If you just loved the features of this activator then you must be curious to download it. So, let’s now move to lớn our download guide in which I will also tell you how you can use it to lớn activate your Office và Windows as well.

You need to lớn click on the download button which is located below (the download link is direct) it will then ask you for the location where you want to save.Choose the desktop và click on Start. You then need to wait for some timeuntil the tải về completes.Extract the zip file (don’t worry it is compatible with Antivirus but if your Antivirus still deletes this then first disable it).Now you need to right-click on the KMSPico Portable icon and then click on Run as Administrator. It will ask you for permission so just click on Yes.The program will then run in the backend và you will hear some voice notifications. Wait for a few seconds until you hear the voice notification “Affirmative, Program Completed”.Now restart your computer và then you can simply right-click on My Computer > Properties & see the activation status. Voila, your Windows is now activated successfully và you can now enjoy all the benefits of this Windows 10 without paying a penny.

Let’s now talk about the activation process for Microsoft Office. The steps khổng lồ activate Office 2016 with KMSPico Portable is a little bit different. To do so you need lớn follow the below steps.

First, mở cửa any product of Office like Word or MS Excel and let it remain open don’t close. After this, you need to lớn right-click on the extracted icon of the KMS activator & click on Run as Administrator.

You will again hear some voice notifications coming from the background và then you can simply wait for a few seconds until you hear the same voice notification. That’s it Office is now activated successfully so you need to restart the computer.

After reboot opens any hàng hóa of Office và then click on Account. In this section, you will see the activation status & it is Activated to lớn enjoy the MS Office on your PC as well without paying a penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have still questions that you are trying to lớn ask? Then read this frequently asked list below to get the answer to the most asked questions. In case you don’t find a suitable answer to lớn your question simply ask me in the phản hồi section I will try my best to answer it & solve your problem

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