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To bover or tilt forward or closer lớn the ground. OK, everyone, now lean over và touch your toes. The whole building leaned over during the hurricane, with many fearing it would topple over completely.2. To bend or tilt someone or something gently toward or onkhổng lồ the ground. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lean" & "over." The doctor leaned the man over to examine the wound on his lower baông chồng. We"ll need lớn lean the whole machine over so we can access the panel on the bottom.3. To bend, tilt, or suspover (oneself) across or over the edge of something.

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I leaned over the cliff & shouted down khổng lồ the climbers. Tom leaned over the table and whispered something lớn Janet.See also: lean, over

lean over

1. khổng lồ bkết thúc over. Lean over & piông xã the pencil up yourself! I"m not your servant! As Kelly leaned over to tie her shoes, her chair slipped out from under her. 2. to lớn tilt over. The fence leaned over and almost fell. As the wind blew, the tree leaned over farther and farther.See also: lean, overSee also:

lean over backwards

Idiom(s): fall over backwards (lớn vì something) AND bover over backwards (to lớn vị sth); lean over backwards (to vì chưng sth)Theme: ASSISTANCEto lớn bởi everything possible to lớn please someone. (Informal.)• The taxi driver fell over backwards to be helpful.• The teacher bent over backwards khổng lồ help the students underst&.• The principal said that it was not necessary to lớn bover over backwards.• You don"t have khổng lồ lean over backwards to lớn get me khổng lồ help. Just ask.
league leak leak (something) lớn (someone or something) leak in leak in(to something) leak out leak through leak through (something) leak lớn lean lean across lean across (someone or something) lean against lean and mean lean baông chồng lean bachồng against (someone or something) lean baông xã on (someone or something) lean down lean forward lean in lean inlớn (someone or something) lean on lean on (someone or something) lean out (of something) lean out of lean over lean over backward lean over backwards lean over backwards khổng lồ (vày something) lean times lean toward lean toward (someone or something) lean toward doing lean, mean (something) machine leaning leap leap at leap at (someone or something) leap at the chance (lớn do something) leap at the opportunity leap at the opportunity (khổng lồ vì chưng something) leap clear (of something) leap down leap for joy leap forward leap from (something) lớn (something) leap in leap in the dark leap of faith leap off the deep over leap on the bandwagon let it roll left và right leave oneself wide open to leave sầu a sinking ship leap to lớn conclusions leap at the opportunity lean over backwards leaf through lay/place the blame on lay waste to lay the finger on lay sth to lớn rest lay sth on the line lay sth by
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