thua kém sight of (someone or something)

1. To no longer be able to lớn see someone or something due to lớn increased distance from them or it or an obstruction of the view. We lost sight of the ground as the plane moved higher into the sky.2. To forget about or neglect lớn focus on something. I know you"ve sầu had some setbacks recently, but try not to thua thảm sight of the goal you want lớn achieve.See also: thua, of, sight

lose sight of someone or something


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Lit. to have one"s vision of someone or something fade because of distance or an obstruction. I lost sight of Alice as she walked into the distance. We lost sight of the ship as it sailed out of the harbor. 2.

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Fig. to lớn forget to consider someone or something. Don"t thua sight of Alice và her basic contributions. Don"t thảm bại sight of the basic value of the land on which the house sits.See also: thua kém, of, sight

chiến bại sight of

Overlook, fail khổng lồ take inkhổng lồ account, as in We must not thua thảm sight of our main objective sầu, or Beverly never lost sight of her humble beginnings. This metaphoric expression alludes to physical sight. For an antonym, see bear in mind. See also: thua trận, of, sightSee also:

lose sight of

forget about, not rethành viên the purpose Let"s not đại bại sight of why we"re picking berries - to lớn make pies.

thua kém sight of|lose|thua sight|sight

v. phr. 1. Not to lớn be able khổng lồ see any longer. I lost sight of Mary in the crowd. I watched the plane go higher & higher until I lost sight of it. Antonym: CATCH SIGHT OF. 2. To forget; overlook. Johnny was so interested in the game he lost sight of the time. No matter how rich và famous he became, he never lost sight of the fact that he had been born in the slums.
thua one's buttons chiến bại one's cool thua one's grip thất bại one's head thua trận one's head, khổng lồ thua kém one's hear khổng lồ thua kém one's lunch thua trận one's marbles thất bại one's mind chiến bại one's nerve thua thảm one's shirt thua thảm one's shirt, to lớn thảm bại one's temper thất bại one's touch thua thảm oneself in thua trận out thua thảm out in (something) lose out on thua out on (something) thua out to thua out to lớn (someone or something) lose patience lose patience (with one) thua reason thua kém shirt thất bại sight of thua trận sight of (someone or something) lose sight of something thua kém sleep thua trận sleep about (someone or something) thua trận sleep over đại bại sleep over (someone or something) thua thảm sleep over, to lớn thua some amount of time thua trận somebody/something in the shuffle thua kém temper đại bại the battle, but win the war thảm bại the drift (of something) thất bại the drift/thread of something thảm bại the number of (one's) mess lose the plot đại bại the thread đại bại the use of thua thảm the use of (something) thua time chiến bại to lớn lose to (someone or something) thua trận tongue thua kém touch thua touch (with one) thua kém touch with reality thua trận one"s head (over) chiến bại one"s heart thất bại one"s marbles lose one"s shirt đại bại one"s temper thua trận one"s tongue thua trận oneself chiến bại out thảm bại sight of chiến bại touch lose trachồng lost cause lost upon loud mouth loud-mouthed lounge lizard louse up
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