Looking lớn buy a subscription of Microsoft Office 365 for your trang chủ or small business? Here are some tips to lớn save money on your office 365 subscription.

The personal edition of Microsoft Office 365 is available for $6.99 per month on the official Microsoft website. This license includes all Microsoft Office apps. With the personal license, you’ll be able khổng lồ install Microsoft Office on all your computers, phones và tablets through you can only be signed in khổng lồ 5 device at the same time.

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You may buy a license for Microsoft Office 365 through the Microsoft website, through in-app purchases inside the Apple app Store or Google Play store or through online stores lượt thích Amazon.

Office 365 Prices Comparison

I did a quick comparison of Office 365 prices across different regions & it is obvious that the most affordable option is Amazon. For instance, if you are looking to lớn buy Microsoft 365 subscription in India, you’ll save around 20% when the purchase is made through Amazon vis-a-vis the Microsoft Store. The savings are even higher for UK customers.

Country / RegionPrice on Microsoft StorePrice on Amazon WebsiteSavings
United States$69.99$58.9916%
United Kingdom£59.99£42.9928%

Buying Office 365 through Amazon

When you buy a Microsoft 365 subscription through Amazon, Amazon will send a 16-digit license key to lớn the email address associated with your Amazon account. It may take 15-30 minutes for the license key to lớn arrive.

Once you have received the code, go to lớn setup.office.com & sign-in with the Microsoft Office where you wish lớn use the Office 365 subscription. Enter the sản phẩm key & click on the “Activate” button.

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Next, launch Word, Outlook or any other Microsoft Office tiện ích on the computer & sign-in with the same Microsoft account.

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Things lớn note

The Office 365 subscription purchased on Amazon is exactly the same as the one offered on the Microsoft website but the price is cheaper. Once the license is activated, you’ll manage the subscription through your Office.com dashboard.

There are a few things to note when you buy an Office 365 license outside the Microsoft store.

There could be geo restrictions in place. For instance, an Office license acquired from the Amazon US website may not be activated in India.If you wish to opt for monthly billing instead of paying for the full year, you’ll have lớn buy through the Microsoft trang web or make an in-app purchase on your game android or iPhone.
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