Microsoft Toolkit is an application tool that is used to get the license for the Windows or MS Office just like the KMSPico. However, it is way different from the other apps as it comes with various other features that you should never imagine.

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If you are looking to download MS Toolkit for your pc then here is the perfect guide that will help you with it. In this article, I am going to lớn describe everything regarding this tool. Other than this you will also get a complete instructions guide on how lớn get a license key for Windows & Office as well.

I would highly recommend you khổng lồ read this article till the over as otherwise, you might miss some of the important information. Except for this, you will get the danh mục of some most asked questions that will surely help to lớn clear all of your doubts. So, before we dig in first of all it is a must khổng lồ learn what this tool is all about and how it works so kiểm tra out the below guide for this.

Please Take a Note:
The information you get in this article is for educational purposes only & we isn’t encouraging people to use piracy tools. It is completely prohibited và illegal to lớn use piracy tools or keygen so better buy the legal license from Microsoft itself.

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What is Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is a tool that is used to lớn activate or lớn get the license for Microsoft Products like Windows và Office. This tool is way older than you think however it even exists at a time when KMS công nghệ wasn’t introduced yet. The old name of this tool was EZ Activator & it is used for Windows XP, 7, & Vista only.

As time passes new giải pháp công nghệ was released as the name of KMS so it was quite difficult for them to lớn use the same trick as used earlier lớn get the license. However, they then added a method of KMS vps in it and also changed their name from EZ Activator lớn Microsoft Toolkit.

With this latest tool, a user can get the KMS network on their PC to get permanent activation. Other than this it also works as the Key Generator which means you will get the license key for various products. It contains almost every single Windows & its editions however the license key for every Office product could be generated as well.

Furthermore, this tool is không tính tiền to use & is developed by the CODQX4, he also gave the source code of it so if you are interested in it then go grab a code for you. In simple words, there could be no mistake in saying that the Microsoft Toolkit is one of the best and all-in-one tools available for free of cost.

Microsoft Toolkit Features

Now after reading the above section you surely have an idea about this tool so if you are going furthermore then make sure to kiểm tra this features list.

I have just listed some of the major features of this phầm mềm as after using it you may see more. The danh sách could be even bigger and this is the reason why I am writing only a few of them so you only get an idea.

Ok, so here is the danh mục of Microsoft Toolkit Features that you are going lớn get:

Two in One Tool

Since this feature, we have already discussed earlier as the Microsoft Toolkit could be used 2 as 1 tool. The reason is simple as this single can be used khổng lồ get the license for Windows as well as for the Office. Furthermore, it has dual-module lượt thích EZ Activator và KMS that have their own functions.

Permanent License

As we know that this tool also comes with the KMS công nghệ so there is no doubt it provides permanent activation. It also installs the hệ thống to your computer và then every 180 days it renews the hàng hóa key khổng lồ maintain activation. In this way, this cycle keeps going and you will get the permanent license.

Genuine Key

Using a KMS vps is a quality technique & once you use it you will get the genuine license status for your PC. It is because that giải pháp công nghệ is introduced by Microsoft itself & it is quite hard for them lớn detect it. In this way, your computer will remain safe và you will receive updates from them as well.

Works Offline

Due to lớn having the dual-module once is KMS and the EZ Activator, this tool work Offline as well as Online. For those who don’t have an active internet connection can use the offline feature. While using the online activation could be helpful as you get various benefits.

Free of Cost

Since this tool is used lớn get the license for không tính tiền it doesn’t mean that you have lớn pay some sort of money to lớn it. This is completely miễn phí to use & you will never ask for money khổng lồ buy the pro version or any membership. It can be used on as many computers as you want without paying a penny.

100% Safe

The download link of the Microsoft Toolkit that we provide on our trang web is completely miễn phí from viruses or any trojan. I have scanned it before uploading it so the users don’t face any type of issue at all. You can also kiểm tra the status in vi khuẩn Total to get satisfied, however, it may show a KMS error because the activator tools are blocked by such Antiviruses.

Download Microsoft Toolkit

For those who now understand what Microsoft Toolkit is all about then you might be surely willing to tải về it. So, your wait is finally over as here is the guide in which you will learn how to download Microsoft Toolkit. This is only for beginners so if you already know about it then skip khổng lồ another section.

Download Microsoft Toolkit 2022Make sure to lớn follow all the steps to tải về it otherwise, you will see some unknown errors:

First of all, you need to lớn click on the Download Microsoft Toolkit button located above in this guide.

At this time you will be redirected lớn another page having two different buttons, one will be download Now while the other is Mirror Link. You just need lớn click any of these buttons as the first one is faster than the second one.

Once you click on any of the buttons from there it will then mở cửa a new tab and you will either see Mega (after clicking the first button) or Mediafire (for clicking the Mirror link).


Now if you are on the Mega trang web you just need khổng lồ click on the download in Browser button as it doesn’t require having an account. After clicking on it you just need khổng lồ be patient & it will start downloading the file on your web browser once it’s done this will be added khổng lồ the Downloads section on your browser.


However for those who click on the Mediafire liên kết instead of Mega then you will only see a button with a download label. Just click on that button và it opens a pop-up window just close it and then you will see the file is now start downloading.

Now depending on your mạng internet speed, the tệp tin will be downloaded và once this is done you will be able to install it as well by following the below guide.

How to lớn Install Microsoft Toolkit và Activate Windows

After downloading this tool our job isn’t completed yet as the next step is lớn install it. If you don’t follow the steps properly you might face some unknown errors. This is the reason why I am writing this guide khổng lồ make sure my visitors don’t face any problems at all.

So, if we talk about the installation then this phầm mềm cannot be installed on your computer as it is a portable type of tool. In this way, we just need to extract the zip file và then we will be able khổng lồ use it as we want. I will also show the proper way to lớn activate Windows by using Microsft Toolkit.

If you are ready khổng lồ go then here are the steps are given below you need lớn follow:

Please Note: Before proceeding lớn the activation section don’t forget to turn off your Windows Defender or any Antivirus. You can disable Windows defender by going lớn Start menu > tìm kiếm Windows Defender > Select Virus và Threat Protection > Click Manage Settings under virut & Threat Protection Setting > Disable Real-Time protection using the switcher.


Open the thư mục where you have downloaded the Toolkit usually it is Downloads. Here you will find the Zip tệp tin of that tool so extract it using WinRar or any other tool.

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At this time you will see another folder appears so mở cửa that thư mục and then extract the Zip file again but this time you will be asked khổng lồ enter a password.


Now just open a text tệp tin there & then you will find that password just copy it & paste it khổng lồ the password section to extract it.

Once this process is done now you will notice the Microsoft Toolkit.exe tool appears there so now double click on the icon.


When you double-click it you will be asked for the Administration request so just click Yes to allow this app to run.


At this time this ứng dụng will appear on your screen now from the right-hand side below click on the Windows logo near Settings.


After this, you will see the thực đơn appears for Windows so now from the above thực đơn select Activation.


In this section, two menus appear Activation/Tool Selection and Activation/Licensing features. So, the first thực đơn is for the KMS service while the second thực đơn is for the EZ Activation.

In this case, whether you can directly install AutoKMS using the first menu or just use the EZ Activator method.

I am going khổng lồ use the AutoKMS method as it is one of the best and is fast và simple at the same time so I just choose AutoKMS from the Tools section và then click the Install button.


This process will take a few seconds & then to kiểm tra the progress you can see the Information Console section. If you see the AutoKMS was successfully installed means you are done here otherwise Install it again và try to use it with an internet connection.


Alternatively: Just in case you don’t want lớn install AutoKMS or use EZ Activator then simply go with the hàng hóa keys method. From the above menu open the hàng hóa keys section, from the Product các mục choose the windows that you are running along with the edition.

If you are not sure about the edition then just click the check button and you will see it in the information console. Now after choosing the product và edition simply click the Install button. It will take a while và you again receive the message sản phẩm key installation successfully.

That’s it now you have successfully got the license for your Windows and it is now activated successfully. However, this doesn’t apply lớn the Office as you have to lớn follow different steps for this that you can find in the below section.

Get License for Office using Toolkit for Microsoft

Since you already know the process lớn activate Windows then you might be wondering how to lớn get a license for the Office. Well! If so then you should just follow this simple guide và instantly get the hàng hóa key for Microsoft Office.

Please make sure you are using Office version 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 as it only supports these products till now. There is no option for the 360 users so for this you just need to lớn install KMSPico and use it on your machine.

Ok, so enough talk let’s just head to the activation section below:

If you have already extracted the files then you are good lớn go otherwise open the folder where you tải về this tool. Now extract the zip file & then from the chú ý file copy the password & again zip file located there và then double-click Microsoft Toolkit.exe and select Yes when asked.

2. Once this tool is launched on your Windows you just need to select the Office icon from the below thực đơn located near Settings.

3. Here it will launch the instructions for the Office so in the Main thực đơn section you will see Office Uninstaller for those who want to remove it completely. Other than this there are two more menus available lượt thích Activation & Product keys just mở cửa one of them.

4. In the Activation section you will see the same EZ Activator & AutoKMS method while in the sản phẩm keys you can get it for a single Office app like Word, Excel, Access, or PowerPoint.

5. So, just mở cửa the Activation section & then select AutoKMS from the Tools section & then just click on the Install button.

6. Now wait for a while unless you see the message AutoKMS was successfully installed from Information Console.

That’s it now that Microsoft Office is successfully activated & you can use it as a premium version. You won’t see any trial days or else the features will be unlocked as well. This is the simplest way however you can still go with the sản phẩm key section if you want to.


Microsoft Toolkit is the best tool available out there for both Windows và Microsoft Office. However, it supports almost all editions and versions of WinOS while it is only used for the năm 2016 version of MS Office. Other than this by reading this guide you can easily install it and use it as well.

I have written all the steps that are necessary for you & also you can kiểm tra out the screenshots attached below. If you are still having any sort of issue please don’t hesitate khổng lồ ask in the bình luận section I would be glad to lớn help you out.

Or else if you have any suggestions for me please go on I want to hear from you and your suggestions are always appreciated.

Other than this please be aware while using any such tool as they are subjected khổng lồ piracy & we never encourage our visitors to bởi vì this. This article is for educational purposes only as many people out there want lớn know about it. You can only use it to chạy thử or kiểm tra how the KMS server works other than this please purchase a legal copy from Microsoft Store or any retailer near your location.

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