This Law provides for military service; tasks andcompetence of agencies, organizations, & individuals and regulations andpolicies on military service.

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1. Call-up age means the age at which the citizenshall persize the military service in the regular armed forces or in thereserve forces of People"s Army.
2. Military registration means the formulation ofdossiers on military service of citizen at the age subject khổng lồ military recruitment.
3. Enlistment means an activity in which thecitizens persize the service in the regular armed force of People’s Army or theCoastguard for a certain duration.
4. Demobilization means an activity in which thenon-commissioned officers/enlisted soldiers stop their service in People’s Armyor the Coastguard.
5. Active duty non-commissioned officers/enlistedsoldiers means citizens who are serving in the regular armed force ofPeople’s Army or the Coastguard.
6. Reserve sầu non-commissioned officers/enlisted soldiers meanscitizens who have sầu registered to serve in reserve force of People’s Army.
7. Removal from reserve force means the activity inwhich reserve non-commissioned officers/enlisted soldiers are removed fromreserve sầu force of People’s Army.
8. Evasion of military service means the activity inwhich the citizens fail to lớn comply with the order for registration for militaryservice; order for pre-enlistment check-up; the call-up; the order forconcentrated training, practicing or examination on readiness formobilization/fighting.
1. Military service is the glory of citizen to serving inPeople’s Army. Military service is performed in the regular armed forces or inreserve sầu forces of People’s Army.
2. Citizens at the age for military service, regardless ofethnics, sectors, faiths, religions, education levels, occupations orresidences, shall complete the military service according lớn the regulations inthis Law.

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3. Any citizens who joins the Coastguard forces or People’sArmy is considered as active duty military.
a) Vi xử lý Core militiamen who have sầu completed militia service withat least 12 months served as a standing militiaman;
c) Officials và civil servants và people havinguniversity degrees who have received training & granted rank of reserveofficer;
d) Young people graduated from universities, colleges orvocational schools who volunteer khổng lồ serve sầu at economic-defense groups for atleast 24 months according lớn the project decided by the Prime Minister;
Article 5. Responsibilities ofagencies, organizations, individuals và families in performance militaryservice
All agencies, organizations, individuals & families areresponsible for educating, encouraging và facilitating the citizens khổng lồ performmilitary service.
1. Any male citizen at the call-up age shall persize themilitary service in regular armed force of People"s Army.
2. Any female citizen at the age for military service inpeacetime may perform military service in regular armed force if such citizenvolunteers và on the demvà of the armed force.
1. Male citizens at the call-up age shall persize themilitary service in reserve force in the following cases;
a) The male citizen older than the call-up age has notperformed military service in regular armed force;
2. Females citizen at the call-up age that has professionskills conformable with the requirement of People’s Army may serve sầu militaryservice in reserve force.
3. Non-commissioned officers, enlisted soldiers in regulararmed force and non-commissioned officers, enlisted soldiers in reserve forceshall be granted or promoted brevets in proportion lớn positions; officersperforming high-protệp tin duties shall be granted brevet promotions before theregular date of promotion; officers performing extremely high-profile dutiesshall be granted brevets of a higher rank.
4. The Minister of National Defense is in charge of givingdecisions on granting, promotion, demotion, revocation of rank titles; givingdecision on accreditation, demotion, dismissal of duties; providing regulationson similar rank titles for positions of non-commissioned officers & enlistedsoldiers specified in clauses 1 và 2 of this Article.
1. The State shall ensure the preferential policies fornon-commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers according to lớn thecharacteristics of People’s Army.
a) Be strictly loyal to lớn the motherlvà, people, the CommunistParty and the State of the Sociacác mục Republic of Vietnam;
b) Always ready khổng lồ fight and sacrifice their lives for theindependence, sovereignty, unity và territorial integrity of Vietnam; protectPeople, Communist Party, the State và sociacác mục regime; complete all assignedtasks & persize international duties;
c) Protect properties và benefits of the State, agencies,organizations; protect lives, properties & lawful rights & interests ofPeople; participate in protection of national security và social order andsafety according khổng lồ the provisions of laws;
d) Strictly comply with the lines và policies of CommunistParty, policies và laws of the State, regulations and instructions of People’sArmy;
dd) Participate in training in politics, military, culture,science, technique, speciamenu skills; improve the organization, discipline andphysical fitness; increase political stuff, fighting skill and spirit.
5. Use of non-commissioned officers and/or enlistedsoldiers unconformably to the provisions of laws.

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