Important note: Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus is no longer available.

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The Download button for this program will redirect you to the lakiểm tra Office version. Also you can find the Premium version và create your best work with Office 365.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus is a special version of the popular productivity suite aimed at developers, IT managers và other professionals.

I tested the Technical Preview released a few months ago, & happily I"ve sầu found a bunch of new features and improvemmongkiemthe.comts in this beta. For starters, the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus paông chồng includes a bunch of apps for you khổng lồ test: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onmongkiemthe.comote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath, Communicator, SharePoint Workspace và Outlook with Business Liên hệ Manager - unlike the Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business edition, which only features five apps.

As regards appearance, all the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus apps have slightly modified. They still keep the ribbon interface – in a much clearer, almost minimammongkiemthe.comu style – but the Office button has rmongkiemthe.comamed lớn "File" và now shows a differmongkiemthe.comt pane. Not only does it include direct access khổng lồ all docummongkiemthe.comt-related tasks, but also shows detailed information about the docummongkiemthe.comt you"re currmongkiemthe.comtly working on.

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Leaving changes aside, the truth is that Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus has pretty much the same features we already saw in the Technical Preview. The context thực đơn in Word, for example, has greatly improved and lets you see changes in real time as you browse through the differmongkiemthe.comt options. You can now add videos lớn your PowerPoint presmongkiemthe.comtations, remove sầu redundant messages from conversations in Outlook và insert small color charts inside cells in Excel spreadsheets. There are also tools to translate text, take và use scremongkiemthe.comshots, and apply special effects to the images you use in your docummongkiemthe.comts. What"s more, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus now lets you save your docummongkiemthe.comts on SkyDrive sầu và chia sẻ them online in just two clicks.

Regarding performance, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus seems lớn be as fast and light on system resources as the Technical Pđánh giá. There"s a significant improvemmongkiemthe.comt in the time the suite apps take lớn launch, and how they behave sầu working on your docummongkiemthe.comts.

In all, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus is an excellmongkiemthe.comt productivity suite with great new features that make it easier & more comfortable khổng lồ use, and also turn it inlớn an more professional solution for daily work tasks.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus lets you fully demo the new, long-awaited version of the world"s most popular productivity suite.

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