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Microsoft Office Professional has a very new look compared to its predecessor. The new improvements that come with this suite have been implemented lớn help users optimize their time better and make the most out of the internet.

It now comes equipped with many useful functionalities. There is a New Metro graphical interface for all products included in the suite. With two interfaces, you can alternate between máy vi tính and desktop versions & the interface for tablets.

Additionally, there is an exclusive version for Windows 7 & Windows 8. Customers have something lớn smile about from the new Microsoft Office store, which will let you acquire new add-ons and add dynamic content to their documents.

With an improved PDF tệp tin importing and a fully optimized to lớn work seamlessly with online image sources, you will have complete integration with Microsoft Cloud computing. Additionally, you can take advantage of Yammer & Skype for all your business needs và seamless communications. You will be able to install the suite on up lớn 5 different devices using a single license

There is full integration with OneDrive, which was previously known as SkyDrive. This will help you access any document anywhere and share it easily with teams and friends. This means personal settings can be accessed from anywhere.

What’s Inside?

Word 2013 - The well-known MS Office text editor is making a bold return by being even more versatile and functional. If we give the new features a look, we can easily see why: improved Read Mode that structures the text in the best way possible, returning on the page where you left off when you reopen the app, & double-click zoom. Editing-wise, now you can embed online videos in your document as well as reply lớn comments left by your co-workers on the document.

Excel 2013 - The MS Office developers know that a professional like you requires professional results & that’s exactly what you’ll get with Excel 2013. The app includes different templates to save you time & a bunch of new tools to help you out. The Quick Analysis tool lets you convert data into a table or a chart with just a couple of easy steps. If you’re in a hurry, the Flash Fill feature will become your best friend as it studies the pattern of your typing và the data you put down and autocompletes it for you.

PowerPoint 2013 - The PowerPoint 2013 ứng dụng helps you create not just presentations, but masterpieces. It offers a wide variety of templates, themes, fonts, graphics, animations, và sound effects so you can create an impressive presentation with a professional look. & presenting is now easier than ever with the new Presenter View feature that allows you to look at your notes while everybody else is seeing the slides of the presentation. You can also zoom in on slides while you’re presenting, so everyone can see everything on the slide.

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OneNote 2013 - There is yet to lớn be an app that is as versatile & full of tools as OneNote 2013. To just hotline it a note-taking phầm mềm will be an understatement because with OneNote you can create complex projects that include đoạn phim and audio files, charts & tables, drawings ad to-do lists. The app is also specifically developed to tư vấn collaborating on projects so you and your team can work simultaneously without even having khổng lồ be in the same room. Just mở cửa your OneDrive và start working together in real time, aided by the myriad of tools OneNote has to lớn offer.

Outlook 2013 - Outlook 2013 lets you manage all your communication, important tasks & meetings in just one app. You can sync multiple emails as well as your social truyền thông media accounts, so you get notifications from them. Managing và replying to emails has never been easier thanks khổng lồ the new functional kiến thiết that lets you reply as you’re reading the message. There are also commands added to lớn the messages menu so you can easily delete or mark emails as spam. You can also tìm kiếm through your emails, contacts và tasks và even check the weather in the ứng dụng itself.

Publisher 2013 - publisher 2013 contributes to lớn the growth of your business by giving you the tools khổng lồ create professional-looking kinh doanh materials. Brochures, newsletters, posters are just a tiny part of the things you can create with this app. The 2013 version comes with improved picture editing tools - the thiết kế makes it easier lớn look at what you’re working with, as it places all the images in a column and it also allows you to lớn swap pictures easily with the drag-and-drop method.

Access 2013 - Access 2013 now allows you lớn create useful browser-based apps for tracking all kinds of data & even add tables khổng lồ your app, choosing from the ready-to-use table templates. You can also import data from external sources such as Excel files, SharePoint lists and text files. You can launch your app directly from the Access 2013 app và modify the newly added buttons lớn manage your ứng dụng more easily.

Optimized for Touchscreen - The app’s interface has been developed to work perfectly on your touchscreen devices so you can tap và scroll your way through your files easily. All the features and tools are perfectly functional on touchscreen devices, so you don’t need to lớn worry whether you’d be able to create documents with the same high chất lượng as in the regular apps.New và Improved Tools - All apps in the 2013 Professional apps have been improved and loaded up with new tools for even more productivity. You can mở cửa and work on an even wider variety of text formats in Word 2013, including PDF files! The possibility to collaborate in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote is an important feature that improves your efficiency because it allows you to work with everyone, from everywhere.


Why is MS Professional 2013 the Perfect Choice?

Functionality - Both users và critics agree that the Microsoft Office suite has no match when it comes khổng lồ functionality & versatility. You can create hundreds of different types of files - from a simple to-do menu to complex website apps. All your needs would be satisfied with the myriad of tools this office pack has to lớn offer.

The Best Business Choice - Millions of businesses around the world use the services of the Microsoft Office Professional pack because it has every tiện ích a business needs lớn grow và manage its data, finances và documentation. With its already established position as being the best of the best, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

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