Office năm 2016 for Mac 64-bit tăng cấp Summary Deployment options for the 64-bit update AutoUpdate (MAU) Manual updates Volume License Service Center More Information 64-bit only Effect on third-các buổi party applications and add-ins Tools for inspecting sản phẩm architecture Options for reverting khổng lồ 32-bit installations
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Office năm 2016 for Mac 64-bit upgrade


Existing Office 2016 for Mac customers will be seamlessly upgraded to lớn 64-bit versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, và Onecảnh báo as part of the August hàng hóa release (version 15.25). This affects customers of all license types: Retail, Office 365 Consumer, Office 365 Commercial, and Volume License installations.

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Deployment options for the 64-bit update

AutoUpdate (MAU)

Customers who use Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) to lớn keep their Office applications up-to-date will see a "regular" monthly update notification when their selected channel is upgraded khổng lồ 64-bit builds. Depending on which version is installed on the local computer, MAU will offer either a delta or full update. The update package kích cỡ does not change between 32-bit và 64-bit versions. Also, MAU can deliver a delta update when applicable to update a user from 32-bit lớn 64-bit applications. Therefore, customers won"t experience a sharp increase in tải về activity. For the release lớn the Production channel, customers will see "(64-bit)" in the update title to lớn make them aware that this is a 64-bit update.

For information about how to use the MAU, see Cheông xã for Office for Mac updates automatically.

:::image type="content" source="media/office-2016-for-mac-64-bit-upgrade/check-update.png" alt-text="Screenshot to use Microsoft AutoUpdate to keep the Office applications up-to-date.":::

Manual updates

The August release of Office for Mac is available for manual tải về. The following tệp tin provides a 64-bit package to lớn replace existing 32-bit applications with 64-bit variants during installation:

:::image type="icon" source="media/office-2016-for-mac-64-bit-upgrade/download-inhỏ.png":::Download the Microsoft Office năm 2016 for Mac August update package now.

Virus-scan claim

Microsoft scanned this tệp tin for viruses, using the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The tệp tin is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prsự kiện any unauthorized changes to lớn it.

Volume License Service Center

Volume License customers typically get their Office năm 2016 software from the Volume License Service Center (VLSC). These builds are refreshed infrequently and are typically aligned with new language editions. The VLSC will continue khổng lồ offer 32-bit installers (15.23) until November 2016. However, all updater packages that are released after August will be based on 64-bit builds. Therefore, a VLSC customer who updates either manually or through AutoUpdate will be transitioned khổng lồ 64-bit builds.

More Information

64-bit only

The Mac operating system has been 64-bit for several years. Unlượt thích for Windows, there"s no choice between running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Mac operating system. Similarly, we won"t offer a choice between 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Office 2016 for Mac. After each "channel" is transitioned per the rollout schedule, only 64-bit builds will be available.

Effect on third-tiệc nhỏ applications và add-ins

The transition to lớn 64-bit Office for Mac was announced in April năm 2016. IT Pros will want to lớn understand which compiled add-ins are deployed to the users whom they manage so that they can assess the effect of the tăng cấp. The following Microsoft Office website summarizes the issues that affect the more common add-ins that are used together with Office năm nhâm thìn for Mac:

What to try if you can"t install or activate Office for Mac

Tools for inspecting hàng hóa architecture

To verify the architecture of an Office application (that is, khổng lồ understvà whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit build), start the application, open the Activity Monitor, và then enable the Kind column.

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:::image type="content" source="media/office-2016-for-mac-64-bit-upgrade/activity-monitor.png" alt-text="Screenshot to lớn enable the Kind column in the Activity Monitor window.":::

You can also use the tệp tin commvà in a terminal session lớn inspect the binary. For this use, type file -N .This method can be used with for any binary file, including third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ add-ins.

:::image type="content" source="media/office-2016-for-mac-64-bit-upgrade/file-command.png" alt-text="Screenshot to lớn use the tệp tin commvà in a terminal session khổng lồ inspect the binary.":::

The file comm& returns one of three values.

Return valueMeaning
Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_6464-bit binary
Mach-O executable i38632-bit binary
Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64FAT binary (compatible with both 32-bit và 64-bit processes)
Mach-O executable i386FAT binary (compatible with both 32-bit & 64-bit processes)

Options for reverting lớn 32-bit installations

There may be situations in which the customer has to lớn change code that"s not 64-bit ready. If customers can"t immediately move forward lớn 64-bit builds, we will make available a one-time 32-bit update for the 15.25 release in addition lớn the default 64-bit updates. The 32-bit updates will be available only for manual download from the Office CDoanh Nghiệp.

The lathử nghiệm 32-bit release of Office năm nhâm thìn for Mac (15.25.160818) can be downloaded from

Customers who manually install the 32-bit release won"t be offered the 64-bit version of 15.25 through MAU. However, MAU will offer the 64-bit version of 15.26 in September năm nhâm thìn. Therefore, customers have a limited time lớn remain on 32-bit builds.

If a customer has already upgraded to lớn the 64-bit update of Office for Mac 15.25 và wants to revert to lớn the 32-bit version, follow these steps:

Exit all open Office năm nhâm thìn applications.Double-click the downloaded package, và then follow the instructions.

The 64-bit installation has a build date of 160817. The 32-bit version has a build date of 160818.

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