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Microsoft is announcing two new versions of Office today: a consumer Office 2021 version & Office LTSC for commercial customers. Office 2021 will be available later this year for both Windows và macOS, và similar lớn the previous Office 2019 release, it’s designed for those who don’t want to lớn subscribe to lớn the cloud-powered Microsoft 365 variants.

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Microsoft isn’t fully detailing all of the features & changes in Office 2021 just yet, but the Office LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) variant will include things lượt thích dark mode support, accessibility improvements, và features lượt thích Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUPhường in Excel. Office 2021 will include similar features.

Don’t expect any major UI changes here, either. Dark mode is the obvious change visually, but Microsoft will still focus most of its interface and cloud-powered features on the Microsoft 365 versions of Office first.

Office LTSC is a clear recognition from Microsoft that not all of its business customers are ready to move sầu khổng lồ the cloud, though. “It’s just a matter of trying lớn meet customers where they are,” explains Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365, in an interview with The Verge. “We certainly have a lot of customers that have sầu moved to the cloud over the last 10 months, that’s happened en masse really. At the same time, we definitely have sầu customers who have sầu specific scenargame ios where they don’t feel lượt thích they can move khổng lồ the cloud.”

The new dark mode in Word. Image: Microsoft

Those specific scenartiện ích ios include regulated industries where processes and apps can’t change on a monthly basis, or manufacturing plants that rely on Office & want a locked-in time release. Microsoft is also committing khổng lồ another perpetual version of Office for the future, but it’s changing up pricing & how these new versions will be supported.

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Office LTSC will now only be supported for five sầu years instead of the seven that Microsoft has typically provided for Office. Pricing for Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, and individual apps is also increasing 10 percent for commercial customers, with the Office 2021 consumer & small business pricing remaining the same.

The Office LTSC tư vấn timing aligns more closely with how Windows is supported, and Microsoft is also aligning its release schedules for both Office và Windows more closely as a result. Both of the next versions of Office LTSC & Windows 10 LTSC will be released in the second half of 2021. “They will be closely timed, although we don’t have sầu the details yet for the Windows release,” says Spataro. “The idea is lớn bring them cthua thảm together so that enterprises can deploy and manage them on a similar type of cadence.”

Microsoft is now planning to release a preview of Office LTSC in April, with a full release later this year. The consumer Office 2021 variant won’t be available in previews, though. Both of the new Office variants will also ship with Onelưu ý & include 32-bit và 64-bit versions.

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