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Học các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một phương pháp sáng sủa.

We are grateful to the chief executive officers, evaluators, and communications staff who participated in our study và facilitated access lớn documents.
A law passed in 1991 gave sầu the president carte blanbịt in the appointment of the commander-in-chief & the removal of top officers.
Voluntary group members tended to perceive sầu local authority officers as more highly qualified và of higher status than themselves.
The two police officers that had been blown baông chồng experienced fairly serious injuries, requiring that they be rushed lớn hospital.
The officers of the group, whose decisions were communicated informally or formally at the annual assembly, conducted all other meetings.
Meanwhile, the main tasks of lowranking officers often appear to be collecting tolls from drivers & supplicants, & waiting for something to happen.
Staff officers are people; workers are people, why does one have lớn make such distinct class divisions as this?
Attempts were made khổng lồ interview at each site officers, directors, board members & independent practitioners & their staff.
Conflicts aao ước the church hierarchy và royal officers about these definitions only made matters worse.
The rivalry between commander và commissar was particularly intense because all orders or directives had to lớn be co-signed by the two officers.
Free from fear of prosecution, former military officers were active in business and held elected office.
The officers of the state, however, were not the only ones to lớn offer a conspiracy theory khổng lồ trương mục for the racial attacks.
After a club or bar had been raided officers subjected the floor, cloakroom, & furniture khổng lồ meticulous scrutiny.
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Các từ bỏ thường xuyên được áp dụng cùng với officer.

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An assistant administrative officer, with no particular qualifications, is to lớn receive sầu a salary of £800 khổng lồ £1,000 a year.
It was sought lớn cover that and many other possibilities by requiring a note khổng lồ be made by the arresting officer.
I know, from my own experience in the last war, that the artillery officer had lớn have sầu quite a lot of technical skill.





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