of sorts

Having inferior, mediocre, or incomplete characteristics of something. He writes poetry of sorts, but it"s nothing that will set the world ablaze. The office has a thể hình of sorts, but it"s in such disrepair that no one really uses it.See also: of, sort

something of sorts

an inferior example of a kind of something. Well, it"s a solution of sorts, I suppose. It was a novel of sorts, but not what I"d ever have sầu chosen.See also: of, sort

of sorts

Also, of a sort. Of a kind, especially a mediocre or somewhat different kind. For example, He was wearing a jacket of sorts but no tie, or They established a constitutional government of a sort. Bạn đang xem: Out of sorts là gì

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1900> See also: of, sort

of ˈsorts

(informal) used when you are saying that something is not a good example of a particular type of thing: He offered us an apology of sorts và we accepted it.See also: of, sortSee also:

of sorts

not especially good勉强称得上的;普通的Though some people praise his verse, he"s really only a poet of sorts.尽管有人称赞他的诗,实际上他只是一个蹩脚的诗人。Tom was a magician of sorts but popular at parties.汤姆算不上是个好魔术师,但在聚会时很受欢迎。

of sorts|of a sort|sort|sorts

adj. phr. Not especially good; not very good; of common quality. Joel was a magician of sorts, and popular at parties.

out of sorts

feeling negative, down Andre is out of sorts because he didn"t get enough sleep.

out of sorts|out|sorts

adj. phr. In an angry or unhappy mood; in a bad temper; grouchy. Mary was out of sorts & wouldn"t say good morning. Bob was out of sorts because he didn"t get a bicycle for his birthday.
of great moment of great price of interest of its kind of late of little avail of little consequence of little/no tài khoản of little/no avail of mature years of moment of necessity of no trương mục of no avail of no consequence of no effect of note of old of one mind of one's life of one's own accord of own accord of service of service (to someone or something) of service khổng lồ someone, be of sorts of sound mind of steel of that ilk of the blackest dye of the deepest dye of the essence of the first magnitude of the first order of the first water of the highest magnitude of the highest order of the highest/first order of the moment of the old school of the order of (some amount) of the persuasion of the persuasion that of the same kind of the same stripe of the sort of two minds of two minds, be of unsound mind of word of yore out of order out of place out of practice out of print out of season out of shape out of sight out of sight, out of mind out of sorts out of step out of stochồng out of the xanh out of the corner of one"s eye out of the frying pan inlớn the fire out of the hole out of the ordinary out of the picture
- Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp dùng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ of sorts
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