not informed or not having the same ideas as most people about something, so that you make mistakes:

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Older, experienced clinicians often view guidelines as a phối of directives issued by panels composed of physicians who are out of touch with real patients.
They had no radio, neither receiver nor transmitter, so once on the high seas she was totally out of touch with civilisation.
However, the practice of reading instruction remained out of touch with the retìm kiếm, emphasizing a variety of language activities but excluding teaching of grapheme-phoneme relationships.
But, unable to view things at the human cấp độ, he is out of touch with nature và loses his place in the natural harmony.
Overall they ranked the advertisements that used stereotypes which portrayed older people as objects of ridicule, out of touch và unattractive as most offensive.
Dividing her professional và personal worlds to become a "good doctor" has left her out of touch with who she is.
Four depicted older people as objects of ridicule or the brunt of a joke, & two portrayed them as being out of touch.
And, what is khổng lồ be done, when those in charge of the new social policy become complacent, defensive, & out of touch with their constituencies?
Due to a perpetuation of art that was antiquated & out of touch with the present, the classics were performed in empty opera houses.
Sadly, the author feels that he is philosophically out of touch with modern developments in geology.
Questions of genius are now regarded as hopelessly out of touch with the approaches adopted by contemporary cultural theorists and sociologists.
A good giảm giá khuyến mãi of lower secondary school music seems to be unsuccessful, unimaginatively taught, và out of touch with pupils" interests.

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Returning lớn the theme of violence, men who deny their own violence may be genuinely out of touch with the violence inside themselves.
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a family unit that includes grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, & uncles, etc. in addition to lớn parents & children

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