Bacteria sense their neighbors và respond to lớn the presence of others in the colony by exchanging small molecules & bits of proteins called peptides … — Susan Gaidos, Science News, 17 Jan.

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2009 Though because it is a seaside town, there are more people now that it"s summer. … As well, their presence means that our few restaurants—dark through the snowy months—are open now, their lights burning merrily into the summer evenings. — Richard Ford, Wall Street Journal, 14-15 June 2008 The two authors suggest that war is better understood as a khung of play than as a place of business, that Clausewitzian theory collapses inkhổng lồ absurdity in the presence of atomic weapons. — Lewis H. Lapđê mê, Harper"s, September 2007 the orchestra"s musical director has a very stately presence
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Recent Examples on the Web The Safira players represent the local Brazilian presence in the game, dating khổng lồ the club’s founding in 2007. —, 7 June 2021 During the same period, U.S. companies—the biggest international presence in Hong Kong—closed 45 headquarters và offices, or 6% of their total, government figures show. — John Lyons, WSJ, 6 June 2021 Boeing is the leading manufacturer of 100+ seat aircraft for the global commercial airplane industry, with a svào presence in the defense contracting business. — Trefis Team, Forbes, 4 June 2021 That does happen sometimes: Yue Bao, currently the conducting fellow at the Houston Symphony & a major presence in that orchestra’s streaming over the past year, will make her debut with the Chicago Symphony at the Ravinia Festival this summer.

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New York Times, 4 June 2021 There would have needed lớn have sầu been a sustained military presence of the Union Army in the south, and/or the formerly enslaved would have sầu had to lớn have sầu been armed to protect themselves. — Kevin T. Dugan, Rolling Stone, 4 June 2021 Larry Collmus, who currently calls the Triple Crown races & Breeders’ Cup for NBC, filled in & quickly established a presence in the Del Mar booth. — John Cherwa, Los Angeles Times, 3 June 2021 Amid tensions with the U.S. & its allies, Moscow has for years sought to lớn reestablish a regular naval presence in various parts of the world that the Soviet Union had during the Cold War times. — Star Tribune, 2 June 2021 The United States decisively defeated the Tripolitan navy, & established a continuing presence in the Mediterranean. — David F. Eisner, National Review, 31 May 2021

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