A:pursuing is a verb. "I am pursuing a math degree". Striving for. It may be used as a synonym for "following" or "chasing". Pursuing gives the impression that it is a challenging activity. "The police are pursuing the robbers in fast cars on the highway"
A:She started pursuing hyên before he became famous. Are you seriously thinking about pursuing a career as a race oto driver? The detectives pursued hlặng. They are pursuing the robber. The police pursued the murderer. Some people pursue only pleasure. Do you intover to lớn pursue your education? The dog pursued a rabbit into the forest. <
A:"Pursue" isn"t uncommon at all and you"ll hear it a lot actually. But sometimes it sounds formal."I pursued a career in programming.""Should people pursue their own happiness at the expense of others?""The thief was being pursued by countless police officers.""There"s nothing a criminal hates more than being pursued by an obstinate detective sầu."There"s also an American movie called "The Pursuit of Happiness"「幸福を求めて」.

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A:"You need lớn pursue your dreams""She told me she is pursuing a career in that area""Traveling througout South America is a goal that I want to pursue in the future"
A:Pursue is sort of lượt thích "chase".Ensue means to "happen", as a result of something.The police pursue their target speeding down the street.Bad weather ensues when the temperature is below freezing.
A:1) Ill treatment of others normally due lớn race, religion or politics (for example, the holocaust)2) Chase3) Pursue is hostile or curiosity.

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A:Pursue is a verb & pursuit is a noun. So someone can persue something or someone và you can Điện thoại tư vấn the whole action a pursuit. An example: I pursue happiness. It is a difficult pursuit however.
A:Hmm pursue as a feeling of having more effort and passion in doing X. But try is more like bởi it to see what its like. So kinda lượt thích half heartedly doing X.
A:Chase is more the physical act. Pursue can be either physical or metaphorical.He chased her through the park.He has been pursuing her ever since he met her at John"s tiệc nhỏ.The police were pursuing the car down main street. They were in hot pursuit.The police were chasing the oto down main street.

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