In order lớn encourage students lớn focus on studying English as well as being natural và interested in practicing communication skills, on November 4th, 2012, at 7.30 a.m., room D203, the English Speaking Club of the General English Department held the first meeting for all of the students at Lac Hong University.

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Joining our English Speaking Club, the students not only improve their communication skills on cultural, social, scientific and technological topics, etc., but also are equipped with TOEIC test-taking skills. Therefore, students will be more confident & comfortable to cốt truyện their problems as well as experience in learning English. With the topic “Learning English Effectively”, the students felt very enthusiastic in their discussion on how to learn English efficiently. Besides, our department also created some fun games such as quizzes, comedy acting in English, gap filling through songs, etc. and meaningful gifts were awarded lớn students.

At the end of the meeting, a scholarship from Informatics & Foreign Language Center of was awarded khổng lồ Tran Vu, a senior student from the Faculty of Information Technology, being an excellent winner in TOEIC mini-demo and quizzes.

Below are some photos of the first meeting.

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Students lively & enthusiastically participated in discussing.



To Trinc, a student from Faculty of Banking & Finance,confidently và fluently shared her experience in learning English.

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Tran Vu with his mischievous presentation


Mr. Le Duc Thinc, M.A, Vice Dean of the Genreal English Departmentawarded the scholarship lớn Tran Vu - a senior student from the Faculty of Information Technology.

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