(stirs 3rd person present) (stirring present participle) (stirred past tense và past participle )

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1  verb If you stir a liquid or other substance, you move it around or set it in a container using something such as a spoon. Stir the soup for a few seconds...  V n There was Mrs Bellingyêu thích, stirring sugar into lớn her tea...  V n inlớn n You don"t add the peanut butter until after you"ve stirred in the honey.  V n with in 
2  verb 
If you stir, you move slightly, for example because you are uncomfortable or beginning lớn wake up. WRITTEN (=move) Eileen shook hyên ổn, và he started to lớn stir...  V The two women lay on their backs, not stirring.  V 
3  verb 
If you bởi not stirfrom a place, you vì not move from it. WRITTEN usu with brd-neg (=move) She had not stirred from the house that evening...  V from n 
4  verb 
If something stirs or if the wind stirs it, it moves gently in the wind. WRITTEN (=move) Palm trees stir in the soft Pacific breeze...  V Not a breath of fresh air stirred the long trắng curtains.  V n 
5  verb 
If a particular memory, feeling, or mood stirs or is stirredin you, you begin khổng lồ think about it or feel it. WRITTEN Then a memory stirs in you & you start feeling anxious...  V in n Amy remembered the anger he had stirred in her...  V n in n Deep inside the awareness was stirring that something was about lớn happen.  V 
6  n-sing 
If an event causes a stir, it causes great excitement, shochồng, or anger aý muốn people. (=commotion) His film has caused a stir in America.  

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1  phrasal verb If something stirs up dust or stirs up mud in water, it causes it to rise up and move sầu around. They saw first a cloud of dust & then the car that was stirring it up.  V n P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you stir up a particular mood or situation, usually a bad one, you cause it., (disapproval) As usual, Harriet is trying to stir up trouble...  V P n (not pron) I thought at first that Jay had been stirring things up.  V n P 
  (stir-fries plural và 3rd person present) (stir-frying present participle) (stir-fried past tense và past participle )
1  verb If you stir-fry vegetables, meat, or fish, you cook small pieces of them quickly by stirring them in a small quantity of very hot oil. This method is often used in Chinese cookery. Stir-fry the vegetables until crisp.  V n ...stir-fried vegetables.  V-ed 
2  n-count 
A stir-fry is a Chinese dish consisting of small pieces of vegetables, meat, or fish which have been stir-fried. Serve sầu the stir-fry with `instant" noodles.  
3  adj 
Stir-fry vegetables, meat, or fish or stir-fry dishes are cooked by the stir-fry method. ADJ n 

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