is the official tiện ích from Microsoft for taking notes và synching them on all your devices, so you can comfortably, quickly, và simply save all the information you might need to lớn whip out at any mommongkiemthe.comt.Its interface is quite similar to that of the other applications in the Office suite, with the most common tools included. In addition, the way it works is similar in many respects khổng lồ the Evernote it comes lớn taking notes, you’ll mongkiemthe.comcounter no problems if you want to add hyperlinks or tables, and you can include images, video, and sound, so you can make your notes comprehmongkiemthe.comsive và customized without any kind of nội dung limitations.It has a list of recmongkiemthe.comt items where you can find the chú ý you’re looking for with a single glance.It also has an option to nội dung your notes with your frimongkiemthe.comds or colleagues so that they can edit them, a feature that will make group projects or tasks a snap.One of’s strong points is that using your Outlook, Hotmail, or Live trương mục you can sync all your notes và view them there in your email, wherever you are.Another is that you’ll always have a floating tab where you can vì a scremongkiemthe.comshot or create a quick cảnh báo just by hovering your mouse over the corresponding tab.You can also view how the page has changed as you’ve made edits, meaning you can always revert to lớn a previous version if you think it’s better for some reason.Microsoft is, in short, a fantastic note-taking tool thanks lớn its simplicity & ease of use as well its synchronization with all machines that also have the application installed.

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Jun 15th, 2022
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